Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

The Department of Environmental Science was started in 2016. The Department offers a Post Graduate Programme, an Add-on Course for 1st-semester degree students, and an open course for 5th-semester degree students. Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field and a branch of science that delves into the effects of physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the environment and in turn their effect on organisms. It also provides an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental problems. As a matter of fact, besides the study of biological and physical characters of the environment, it covers the social and cultural factors and the impact of humans on the environment also. The Department, however, also envisages an advanced study of climatic change, conservation of energy, biodiversity, groundwater, and soil contamination and the technologies developed to arrest/treat air and water pollution, Industrial pollution, and plastic menace.


Tomorrow's leaders are equipped for tomorrow's challenges, and they acquire the skills and expertise to handle the environment associated challenges, create awareness, develop an attitude of concern and become committed to understand their surroundings and formulate a framework for action plan.


To understand the mother earth and nature that it supports and work for the wellbeing of it.


Abu Dhabi


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